Auto Repair Services in Kettering

We offer reliable, prompt, and affordable auto repair services to drivers throughout the region. When you bring your vehicle to True Quality Automotive, you're not bringing it to any old repair shop. You're bringing it to a repair shop that greets everyone with a smile and sends them off with a vehicle they can trust.

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Auto Inspection and Repair Diagnostics

Before we can get under the hood, we need to know what's wrong with your vehicle. And don't take this the wrong way, but even if you're sure you know what's wrong, we are responsible for verifying this ourselves. We would never allow a car to leave the shop that we weren't 100% confident was roadworthy.

Using a combination of your vehicle's on-board diagnostic system and good old-fashioned hands-on troubleshooting, we will identify the root causes of your vehicle's malfunction. Your car is a complex system of interrelating parts, and our job is to figure out where the failure started and what other failures it has caused. From the diagnostic phase, we will be able to draft an accurate quote for the labor and parts.

We are proud to offer quotes that are accurate, honest, and fully transparent. Call us now to learn more.

A Range of Auto Repair Services

As a leading automotive repair shop, we are proud to offer a comprehensive line of services. From engines to brakes, we can do it all. Our most popular auto mechanic services include:

  • Brake repair
  • Tire repair
  • Wheel alignment and rotation services
  • Engine repair and overhaul
  • Transmission services
  • Exhaust repair
  • Oil change
  • Radiator repair
  • Preventative maintenance packages

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list. If the service you need is not here, just give us a call. We have mechanics on site that can handle just about anything.

Professionally Certified Auto Mechanics

At True Quality Automotive, we maintain our high standard of quality by only hiring the best car mechanics in the region. Everyone on the team is certified and insured, with years—in some cases, decades—of experience on the job. When you bring your car to us, you can bet it's going to get the best treatment in town.

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Kettering's Best Vehicle Repair Shop

We are friendly, fast, and affordable. We are your neighborhood automotive repair shop. Here, you're family. And here, you can expect the highest possible service standards from drop-off to pick-up.

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