Dayton Oil Change & Filter Service

Getting an oil change in Dayton at True Quality Automotive keeps all the moving parts of your vehicle running smoothly. Regular oil changes are essential to the basic maintenance plan of any vehicle.

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Dayton’s True Quality Automotive offers top-of-the-line, quick oil changes from one of our friendly and experienced auto repair specialists.

Be proactive and prevent possible damages to your engine – make sure your car is properly maintained and that the oil and filter are changed on a regular basis.

Dayton oil change
Dayton oil change

Save time & money 

At True Quality Automotive, our qualified technicians will change your oil within minutes and provide you with a handy sticker as a reminder for your next visit. Don’t wait until a simple oil change turns into a much bigger problem.

Consult regularly with automotive specialists for practical preventative maintenance tips. Save yourself stress, time, and money by changing your vehicle’s oil regularly.  

Signs you need an oil change

Don’t wait until your check oil signal lights up on your dashboard. True Quality Automotive experts offer recommendations on the frequency of oil changes based on a few facts about mileage, driving habits, and the particulars of your vehicle. 


Strange, loud "clanging" noise


Excess oil usage


Check engine light comes on


Dark, dense oil


Unsure when last oil change was

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At True Quality Automotive, the safety and performance of your vehicle are top priorities. Don't wait until something goes wrong to have your car looked at. Regular maintenance now could prevent costly repairs down the road. When it comes to auto repair and service, settle for nothing less than True Quality.

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